Tax Reform


Your tax reform questions answered

President Trump has signed one of the most sweeping tax reform bills in years. CNN's Christine Romans has the answers to what the changes mean for you.

Final Numbers Are In - 2017 Tax Reform Bill

The Final Tax Reform Bill is out and will be voted on next week in the House and Senate. Check out the final numbers and how it will impact you. Final Bill:

How the tax reform bill will effect you

It was overnight success for Senate Republicans. They narrowly passed a $1.5 trillion tax plan. It benefits corporations and the wealthy, but what's in it for everyone else? Errol Barnett reports....

WATJ 16: Tax Reform & Peter Dominick

Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Is the GOP tax plan really the biggest tax cut in history? Will it benefit the middle class, or only the wealthy?...

Bernie’s Prediction On Tax Reform Comes True

During CNN's Tax Reform debate on November 28th, Senator Bernie Sanders made a prediction that came true soon after. ===================== Support Us On Patreon!