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Yelich and his swing path

What has made Christian Yelich such a good contact and power hitter? Bat path in the zone for a long time = hits Timing = power.

Condensed Game: NLCS Gm6 - 10/19/18

Condensed Game: NLCS Gm6 - 10/19/18 About Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic professional sports league in the ...

What constitues a balk?

When is a pitcher committing a balk? When is he not? Former MLB pitcher Ryan Dempster and former stolen base champ Harold Reynolds discuss in Studio 42.

Different Approaches to Hitting

There is no one way of hitting that works for everyone. Mark DeRosa shows off 4 of the game's best hitters... who all get it done differently.

Hand movement vs. rhythm and timing

Less movement with your hands. More focus on rhythm and timing. Mark DeRosa breaks down what he's seen in Matt Kemp and more of today's biggest ...