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Lucy May - Sigla completa

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Lucy May - Whirlwind

Available to pre order on iTunes -

Little by Little - Lucy-May

Little by Little live at The Islington In this video we have Matt Kitto on Drums KT Parker on Bass Gonzo on Electric Guitar Jeremy Badcock on Acoustic Guitar Lucy Watkins on B.V's.


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Lucy May in cinque minuti abbondanti

Lucia Maggio, al secolo Lucy May, è l'ennesima disperata che parte per l'Australia, dove tutto dovrebbe essere fantastico e invece è un casino. Punto. No, bello eh... Come sempre, cliccate...

Little by Little

My brand new video for my second single 'Little by Little'. Out 3rd Nov along with my second album with the same name. Written by Lucy-May/Karl Rybacki/Lesley Powell. Produced by Greg Fitzgerald.